Occasionally I start looking for new shows to watch. I get tired of the usual shows on TV and the ones that everyone feels the need to talk about and critique. Introduce: Comic Book Men.


This show has has just pushed me along in an obsession that I never knew I had 5 years ago. It's really begun to scratch a newer itch that just seems to get worse, or better, depending on how you look at it. 

Combine this show with the latest book I've been reading, 'Supergods' by Grant Morrison and my inner nerd has been fully brought to life. I feel like a new world has been shown before me and I like it. A lot.

I've begun my 'official' comic book collection now with a purchase on ebay (The Killing Joke) and have begun digging further into the comic book history and learning more about the culture around comics. It's amazing how comics have shaped our culture and vice versa over the last 80+ years. I recommend checking out the show (which is insanely nerdly funny as well) and for more, check out the book below too.