In the city of Nashville, in the middle of October, all the Spokesters of Young & Free program (with Currency Marketing) came together for a video collaboration. Seven smart, fun and outgoing young women representing the seven different regions of Young & Free, came to share what it meant to be Young & Free. 

We spent a long day of shooting together, starting off with some really miserable weather in downtown Nashville. Plenty of walking, checking out different alley ways, old streets with brick laden buildings and hearing, "OK, one more time…", "OK, just one more time…" as I asked them to share their "Being Young & Free" lines again and again, anxiously waiting for me to say "Great, we got it!"

The Spokesters were incredible and patient, letting me follow, and lead them around Nashville, all the while getting them to walk one way, sit together another, talk that way and be this way. Each of them brought great presence and delivery on camera. 

The script for this video was created by Tim McAlpine, but with a lot of collaboration from the Spokesters. Well before our shoot, we sent out a note to the Spokesters asking them what they thought it meant to be Young & Free. Many of their responses made it straight into the final video.

I present to you, Being Young & Free.

If you want to learn about the Young & Free Program that I work with, check it out here:


Matthew A. Hawkins