The digital age of projection is bringing changes fast and furiously, yes it's time we start rolling out one of our latest offers. Well when I say 'Roll Out', we're not quite ready for the red carpet yet, but soon. This is more of a sneak peek.

I've recently upgraded a bunch of our software and I'm excited that we'll be offering Show Time ads for select local businesses across BC and Alberta. Show Time ads are unique and tailored for a movie audience. They are the limited ads that play with the movie trailers before the feature show. So you're audience is sitting in the dimmed lit theatre, focused on the screen and no longer talking or chatting with their neighbours. 

Show Time advertising brings 78% recall from it’s audience
— Screenvision Impact Study

With the limited space we offer for this specific, engaged medium of advertising, we can only offer it to clients that are dedicated and willing to create a unique and highly entertaining advertisement. We want to help local businesses maximize these few Show Time ad spaces we have available and want to create truly cinematic ad experiences for their viewers.

Stay tuned for our upcoming promotion in February.
Meanwhile check out the new and improved FilmAds website - HERE

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