I started up a few things in 2012... Let me try that again. I TRIED to start a lot of things in 2012. A few things I succeeded at and shared openly, a great number of things I failed at and held close to my chest.

Everyone likes to share what they accomplished, but I'm going to look back at a few things I tried this past year that just didn't work out.


- 1Day Design.
I had this GENIUS idea back in 2011 to create one day a month to give away personal digital products (graphic ads, logos, websites etc.) for only $100 each. I moved it into 2012 and it never went anywhere. I had two clients look at it, one who used it. It flopped. Big time.

- LoseIt! App
I don't know how many times I have I told myself I am going to start using this app. I did end up using it for 4 months straight, but took a break for the summer and I'm still struggling to get back on it. I think the amount of time I've failed using it, completely outweighs the time I've actually used it.

- Personal Projects
I want to make my own videos. I want to make a lot of them. This past year, I think I can say I've made online a handful, if that. My ideas list keeps getting longer, but my excuses list seems to grow by two for every idea I come up with. 

- My Own Workload
I always want to get the best product out possible. Sometimes I don't. One question I've learned this past year from someone is 'Are you happy with it?' I think this past year I haven't been happy with some of the work I completed. I put it out anyways. I wanted to ship the product so badly, even though I know I wasn't happy with it. It sucks, but it's true.

2013 is a new year. A chance to do things differently.
One of the big chances I want to take is to risk failure more often. I'm not going to go out to try and fail, but I am going to push myself to DO a lot more of the things I want to do and be ok with the fact that I might... correction... that I will fail at some of those things. I'm ok with failing, as long as I know I went for it.

It ain't how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep on going.