A few months ago, FilmAds, connected with Lacombe City Cinemas and we've been working towards creating new opportunities for local businesses to advertise. One of those options was to look at the possibility of local businesses advertising in Full Motion. Let me explain Full Motion: FilmAds offers the Digital Pre-Show (DPS) which is a 21 minute pre-show that plays before the lights go down and the trailers start up. Full Motion are ads that play WITH the trailers, while the lights are fully down and 99% of the audience is seated. This is a premium opportunity for businesses to get noticed. In Lacombe, there are two spots available for local Full Motion Ads (we'll be sharing the other spot tomorrow) and we helped develop this ad from footage given to us by Ford and by using various pictures sent from the local dealership, as well as a voice over from an employee of Lacombe Ford. The end result turned out really well: