I'm privileged I get to work with a local marketing company in Chilliwack called Currency Marketing.I've been working with Currency for close to 2 years now and I've been interested and engaged with the programs and movement they've helped stir up in the Credit Union industry for quite a while. Recently, Currency asked if I could attend and film a few meet-ups and a symposium in Nashville, Tennessee. How could I say no? We had 3 full days in Nashville and my camera was busy as ever. The main project I got to film was with 6 of the 7 spokesters (the 18-25 year old people that are selected from their region to make a splash for their credit unions). The project was to share on International Credit Union Day and to let young people know they could save $50,000 in their lifetime just by being a member of a credit union! FIFTY THOUSAND! What would you do with $50,000?

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