Recently I did a book swap with Tim McAlpine. This is shocking and surprising as A) Tim usually listens to books, he likes A LOT; B) I like to buy and give books away, it's something I've picked up from Seth Godin; and, C) I really like to write in my books and not being able to has forced me to write notes in a separate note book (I won't mark up your book Tim!)

The Book: Imagine by Jonah Lehrer


I'm not quite finished the book yet, but I've been trying a few practices on imagination and creativity already. For instance, the last couple of mornings I've been waking up a little earlier and then just laying in bed thinking about various things I'd like to do in my life and problems I'm trying to figure out in business. It's been interesting doing this. Sometimes I fall back asleep a bit, other times I lay there and come up with ideas of things I wasn't even intentionally thinking about - amazing how the subconscious mind works.

It's been interesting learning about how your brain works and the fuel(s) you need to help get it going. I'm looking forward to seeing where this info on imagination will take me. I also have a small list growing of things I need to change to help nurture and grow my creativity. It's just a matter of switching things from the way I've always done them. Never easy.

Doing some things like in this video, are going to help. I have a red rubber ball on my desk. I play a games with in my office, but most days I think it's just a time waster. Truth is, its part of my think tank and I need to pursue it more often. Like I said, it's crazy how your subconscious mind works.

What games do you play? Matt