I've had the privilege of working with Regency Chrysler in Quesnel over the last year.We've had a lot of fun working together, chasing cars in parking lots and making videos from the 80's. Regency is part of a business circle that includes Hart Modular Homes in Prince George, BC. After Hart had seen some of the work I had done with Regency, they wanted to get on board and get something fresh and new done for the company. We had some great phone calls and emails in pre-production. The biggest thing that Hart wanted to make sure we covered was the educate people, in a fun and laid back kind of way, that modular/manufactured homes are much MUCH different than trailers. I had the great idea of showing off the talents of my good friend Jason and his character 'Gasoline Tom'. I pitched the idea that we would have Gasoline Tom, or GT as Hart likes to call him, would show off his trailer and Hart would show off their homes.

We came up with the following:

And we did this ad specifically to play in a number of theatres in the BC Interior:

A Great Employee Prank Cam, part of the Hart Family & Service/Set-up Crew, didn't show up for work one day. The next day, his boss told him to get ready for the part of a redneck in the new Hart commercials that were being shot that week. When I arrived, we told Cam we'd film it on the following day, not that day like he had thought, just to stretch his nerves to the very end. This video is when his boss finally revealed the truth.

Thanks so much to Hart family for all the fun and great ads we got to produce together. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Matt

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