We recently had the pleasure of working alongside a great business in High Prairie, Alberta.The Attic Effects is an excellent kids clothing and accessories store. It has everything for your kids. We mean everything! We spoke with Tracy, the owner, over the phone and through emails. Her biggest concern was she wasn't sure how to market her store on the big screen. She wanted to make sure she got on screen for July and our deadline was looming, so we needed to work with whatever pictures she could send us. Tracy mentioned that she wasn't a photographer and had doubt what we could do with what she took. Here are her pictures:

We did some basic masking in After Effects, added some movement and colour treatment, plugged in some upbeat, fun music and our final ad for Tracy turned out like this:

The Attic Effects from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.

Thanks Tracy for working with us and we hope to continue to work with you at the Park Theatre for months to come!