Back in the fall I joined up with the Chilliwack Players Guild. One of my goals for 2011 was to audition for something and it just so happened I auditioned for a small part in Witness for the Prosecution. I got to meet some really cool people that are part of the Guild and had a lot of fun hanging out with them all.When it came time for the Guild to start planning their summer show, Emily (director/co-writer of Awakenings), came to me and asked if I could help make a trailer for the play. This was the first time that the Guild has done something like this. In the fall I was a part of creating a video of the cast and crew to display in the theatre lobby when guests came in, which was also a first. Being able to help with this project was an honor and a chance to try something different. I created two trailers for the play. The first one is the official trailer and the second is the mock trailer I cut together just for fun. Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins

Awakening Trailer (Official) from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.

Awakenings Trailer (Mock) from Matthew Hawkins on Vimeo.