We work with some amazing theatres and businesses throughout Western Canada.We get to make a lot of ads and help promote products and services for all sorts of businesses. We take pride in seeing local businesses thrive through using the theatre screens in their communities. It's exciting.

Often I get asked what kind of ad a business should put on the theatre screen. I say the same things over and over... - Highlight one or two products/services (don't overwhelm the audience with too much info) You only have 15, 20, 30 or 40 seconds to teach them about who you are and what you offer. - Be clear in what you want them to know. - Have simple and easy contact info... ie. Next to A&W or FILMADS.ca (the moment you add DOT CA/COM people know it's a website, no need for WWW) - Make it entertaining. (This is the point I try to stress all the time)

People are showing up to a movie to be entertained; to forget about their real lives and enjoy 90-120 minutes of freedom. Why not add some heroes and villains to your ad? Why not make your ad a little bit suspenseful or mysterious?

Advertisers with FilmAds should use the theatre screens to their advantage. People are coming for entertainment, so educate and entertain them.

If you entertain them, they will come. Your ad becomes memorable and people know what you have to offer. We can help with this and make it cost effective. 

Give FilmAds a call to help you entertain people in your local theatre. FilmAds is offering great prices on ad creation and $100 monthly airtime in a number of our locations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Matthew A. Hawkins