I recently had the chance to dig through some old footage of Regency Chrysler up in Quesnel and I came across some great footage...

Actually what we did was take some windy, crappy sound footage and turned it into something AWESOME. When I had showed up to Regency to film an ad for them to show at Carib Theatres in Quesnel, there was a big wind storm happening outside. My initial thought was 'Crap, this shoot is not going to happen today.' (We had planned to film something completely different that day, which we still ended up filming). My second thought and I'm glad I pushed for it, was 'Let's use the wind. We can muffle the sound by putting the mic under Lisa's jacket and her hair blowing everywhere will look ridiculous'

I filmed everything on the 7D and then went to town in After Effects. I muted colours, added a cheezie star stream from Particular and added some awesome tracking marks to it.

You can take a look at the side by side below and see what the original and faked VHS look like together.

*When I sent this to the production team to add to the pre-show for the Carib Theatres I had forgot to mention it was supposed to look like a really old 80's VHS tape, I got an email back immediately saying that the file looked heavily interlaced and the sound was terribly muffled. We all had a good chuckle once I told them it was supposed to look like this.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins