Star Cinema in beautiful Sidney, BC is a two screen theatre. Set-up with a 35mm screen and newly updated digital projection screen. Star Cinema is unique in its range of entertainment, from todays big hits on the silver screen, to experiencing live opera performances or the latest and greatest comedy of the National Theatre, Star Cinema has it all. Star Cinema offers exquisite advertising space for your business and at incredible prices. With high average of monthly attendees and a great entertainment experience, Star Cinema is an excellent place to get your business advertising. Monthly Attendance Average Monthly Attendance: 3,100 Monthly Highs: 3,800 Yearly Attendance for 2011: 38,000

Advertising Options We currently offer Full Motion Ads only at Star Cinema. These ads play directly ahead of the movie previews and can provide the biggest and lasting impact on the viewers.


Future Information We are in the process of updating the services we offer at Star Cinema and look forward to sharing those updates with you here when they are ready. In the meantime, enjoy the movies!

Spots are limited and cost varies, so please Contact Us for more information to utilize this great form of advertising.