The Royal Theatre in downtown Trail, BC is an amazing little theatre. It brings a balance of theatre nostalgia and modern entertainment technology. Your visit at the Royal will start with a beautiful visit through their lobby and wide selection of snacks at the concession, then take a step back in time as you enter the historic theatre with modern screen, sound and projection. A visit at the Royal Theatre is unlike any other.The Royal Theatre offers exquisite advertising space for your business and at incredible prices. Our local airtime for businesses is more than cost effective, its widely seen and experienced by thousands of viewers every month.

Monthly Attendance Average Monthly Attendance: 3,000 Monthly Highs: 2,800-3,400 Yearly Attendance for 2011: 39,462

Advertising Costs One Spot - $100/mth      We only have 8 spots available for local advertisers. Min. 3 month contract    Get on screen NOW! We offer 1 Screen Total & Lobby Monitor Space


Specials Sign up for 6 months at $100 per month and get one Motion Graphic Ad created for ONLY $100. A Savings of $150.

Spots are limited and cost varies, so please Contact Us for more information to utilize this great form of advertising.