In a service industry, providing services like promotion, marketing, creative ads, design, etc. you can get very bogged down in the hour to hour wage of how much you are making or trying to make and you never look at the bigger picture of things. I'm guilty of this as much as anyone else. I learned, after much trial and error, of the need to look beyond myself. If all I was trying to do was fill up my work week to make enough money, I never would, not consistently anyways.

One thing I've learned is building a package deal.

American Pickers does this really well. If you're not familiar with the show, check it out here. Frank, the shorter hairer fellow in the picture below, is the bundle master. He packages items up and gets the price he's looking for. This completely relates to almost any service industry. Say you want to provide Service A to a client but they only want to pay $100 for it instead of $200. You also have Service B available for $400 and you know the client would love it. You offer the client both services for $500 and let them know they are getting Service A for $100 and Service B for $400. In reality you just made an extra $400 more for packaging or bundling the deal and creating a service that lets you make more (the start of the bigger picture).

What services do you offer that you can look to bundle together to help you start making more?

[caption id="attachment_3024" align="alignleft" width="691" caption="Mike & Frank of American Pickers: Bundle Masters"][/caption]