I love downtown Chilliwack. Well most of it.There is a lot of misconception and ill perceived ideas of what happens in downtown Chilliwack. Aside from some sketchy neighbours, most of downtown Chilliwack is warm, inviting and quaint. I love to walk around and shop downtown Chilliwack. I wish more people did.

That whole thought of wishing more people would just visit downtown Chilliwack got me thinking about doing something about it. I have this whole plan on how to turn downtown Chilliwack into the next Vegas strip, but we won't go down that covered road... (really I have no plan). The only thing I have is my camera equipment and desire to share the stories of the people who work and own businesses in downtown Chilliwack.

The very first business I wanted to connect with was the Bookman. This one of a kind used book store is one of my favourite places to visit. I like to stop in and take a stroll through various sections OR I love to walk through there with my kids and check out the kids books and comics. We usually come out with at least a few items in hand.

I had a chance to sit down with the owners and some staff from the Bookman and ask some questions about who they are and what they do. I didn't realize how much intriguing info is sitting inside that store. Aside from the half million books waiting for customers to dive into, hearing the story of David "The Bookman" Short was incredibly interesting. I spent a good chunk of my morning just listening to David tell his story of how he went from being a nurse in a hospital to a book store owner. He shared the history of the building, renovation stories and potential mishaps and more. As a small business owner I was completely intrigued in listening to this man speak of his dream and the risks he's taken to maintain it. I wish I could have filmed all of what I learned that day. Here's a brief glimpse into the amazing people that make up this great downtown Chilliwack business.

The Bookman :: On Wellington in Downtown Chilliwack, BC