Just last week I had the chance to put together a fun promo for FilmAds.caOne of the things I have shied away from putting on any of the 23 screens (12 theatres) we run pre-show entertainment and ads for, is my face. It's not that I'm scared of being on camera, or that I think I will scare away any potential clients. It's just that I haven't felt I should be on those screens. It makes sense to me.

I wanted to put together a fun little ad that we could play in the pre-show to highlight FilmAds a little bit more. I really want it to show off the power of the silver screen in some of the smaller communities we work in, such as Trail, Golden, Terrace and High Prairie (plus more!;) So this is what we came up with:

*Thanks to Geoff Edwards for the Voice Over at the end.

We also put together a fun little 'Behind The Scenes' video, filmed by the awesome Jillian Fraser from Simple Solutions. (Be sure to check out the work she offers as a virtual assistant... she is a life saver for admin & office work I tell you!).