One time, a long time ago, or so it seems... I lived across the street from one of the Fraser Valley's best fishing guides. At the time I wasn't into fishing, didn't have any interest for it or anything else like that. I knew our neighbours, but my wife knew his wife a little bit and they'd chat and that was that.Well this past June I decided to take on fishing for a couple of different reasons: 1) Eventually teach my kids to fish when they get older. They've already each caught their own fish and I'm hoping this summer they'll catch a few more. 2) Learn something new and something out of my area of expertise 3) Just get outside 4) Fill some of my free time

I contacted our old neighbour about buying some tackle (jigs and spinners) because I had heard how popular their stuff was, which I love by the way, and then started to think about combining two things I love to do: film and fish. I followed up our conversation about tackle with the idea of doing a promo video they could use to showcase online for potential web customers. We've had a chance to sit down and it's looking like it will develop into a lot more than just that, but in the time being they'll be filming some of their own content and using the intro video I created below:

BentRods is an excellent fishing guide and they are also incredible hosts. So be sure to check out their site and if you're looking for fishing trips, these are the guys to contact.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins