2011 was a bit of a let down in terms of box office sales.I know there was a lot of anticipation for some great releases, but short from Twilight or Harry Potter, the box offices were far from sizzling.

2012 is looking much better. At least for the box office. This year will be riddled with sequels or prequels and from my own personal opinion I'm screaming for Hollywood to create more original material like Super 8, Drive or Midnight in Paris.

Great box office anticipation is excellent news for advertisers - the more people coming through the box office, means more impressions. It's a great idea to look at setting some of your budget aside in 2012 for some great ad space - www.filmads.ca

So here's a few of the trailer for what I think will do really well in the box office for 2012.

The Hobbit


Dark Knight Rises

The Hunger Games

Men in Black 3

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins