Over at 1Day Design we have a special coming out for November. Typically we offer 1Service 1Price 1Client 1Design. Well for the month of November, to help current clients and prospective clients of FilmAds - we'll be offering 5 motion graphic ads to 5 companies for $100 each. (I should note that we've also booked 1Client for 1Logo design in November already!)

Half of the profits for Novembers 1Day Design, which will take place on November 10th, will go towards gift and food baskets that the local fire department distribute to families deserving a little extra around Christmas time. We'll be sharing this event with you in future blog posts as well.

So if you, someone you know, someone your mom knows, or whoever, would like to get a motion graphic ad done for their business in one or all of our 12 FilmAds Theatres OR just for Internet/Facebook/Blog/Twitter usage, then head over to 1Day Design and sign up right away! We are limiting the spots to just 5 (FIVE!) so make sure you sign up today!

Here's an example of what we can create you in a day*

*With 1Day Design you pay $100 for the ad as is. You supply us the content and we design away. We promise by the end of the day, you'll have an awesome design at a crazy low price!