I've been working on a little project. Something that has been in the back of my head for some time now. Well at least pieces of it has. It's just finally all come together now. Running FilmAds I get the chance to work with businesses all across BC and now Alberta. FilmAds offers local exposure in 12 theatres across Western Canada, as well as, production and design for ad creation. Local businesses typically work off of very tight budgets and don't have a lot at the end of the month to put towards advertising, especially with a high quality ad. It's one of those tricky things, because you need to advertise to get more attention to your business, but you also need the money to pay for it.

SO, I came up with 1Day Design. A way for local businesses to cash in on some quality design that is more than affordable.

How It Works:

1Day a month we offer 1Company 1Design (website, photo shoot, motion graphic ad, etc.) at 1Price ($100 on anything) that will be started and finished in 1Day (Oct 10). So for October we have 6 spots (6companies), 5 that are now available, where a company can sign up for 1piece of design work - logo design, video shoot, etc. Check the site out for more details - 1Day Design Website.

It's a pay-low-take-as-is-and-run-with-it kind of idea.

You can sign up for it today!


I've been talking with a number of people I know in the design world and they love the idea. They especially love where I want to take it.

My goal is to get small local businesses, that need a little boost, some quality design work and then offer the proceeds to a local charity. For the month of December we'll be donating 50% to the local Salvation Army Food Bank. From there we'd like to look at getting involved with other local charities to offer a little financial help.

What I need from you, my faithful few, is to get the word about what we're doing. Let people know their website doesn't have to stay hidden in their mom's basement anymore. Tell them that the logo their neighbours 15 year old kid did with a ripped off copy of Photoshop doesn't have to make up the identity of their company. Tell people the Facebook profile pic they have for their business that shows off their iPhone in the mirror as well as their face, doesn't have to be that way. Simply, help me get the word out.


Matthew A. Hawkins