I’m privileged to do the work I do. I’m more privileged and honoured to work with some of the women I work with. You see, a few weeks ago, I was thinking about all the work I do and who I get a chance to work with. I have a variety of things I do: educational biology shorts, credit union & financial marketing, school district information & communication, health & wellness videos and so on. I started to connect who most of the people are that I work with on these projects and I saw a pattern – strong, smart, beautiful, talented women. In case you missed Part 1. Or Part 2. Or Part 3.


Stacey Adamczyk

I met Stacey through my wife's old childhood friend Aaron. Most of the time I have spent getting to know Stacey has been through online conversations via Facebook chat, Twitter, email or Skype. I actually think there was a time that Stacey and I met at a family wedding but both of us have forgotten if that actually happened or not.

Somehow Stacey and got connected about doing video work together. Stacey and Aaron had both mentioned how much they loved the SilverScreen Tots videos I had been creating and Stacey began asking about doing them in her hometown in Red Deer. We begin talking and coming up with various ways to promo the videos around town. That was when I began to see the entrepreneurial side of Stacey and just how hard she works for a living.

I am impressed with each of the women I have a privilege of working with closely. For some reason we have all connected well and we push each other to strive for our very best in our careers. Stacey is no exception. I have seen a drive and passion in Stacey that you don't see very often. She is very, very determined.

Stacey owns and operates Clearview Design from just outside Red Deer, Alberta. She specializes in website design, but more specifically, precision marketing for small business owners. She's been using a combination of social media, web presence and quality design to help her clients with their marketing needs. Aside from the work she does, Stacey is also an incredible networker. She understands the value of pounding the pavement and getting to know everyone and anyone you can. One phone call, one knock on the door, one email, one connection, they all can lead to a sale and Stacey is one of the best people at this that I have ever met. (In fact I have a blog post coming up on a challenge that Stacey told me about during our visit to her new home in July - the post is called "21")

When we were in Alberta this past summer I had the privilege of helping Stacey create an ad to show off just exactly what she does. Here's the video:

Thank you Stacey for all hard work, challenges you've told me about and the chance to film you at work. I look forward to the many more chances we'll have to work together.

Matthew A. Hawkins