I’m privileged to do the work I do. I’m more privileged and honoured to work with some of the women I work with. You see, a few weeks ago, I was thinking about all the work I do and who I get a chance to work with. I have a variety of things I do: educational biology shorts, credit union & financial marketing, school district information & communication, health & wellness videos and so on. I started to connect who most of the people are that I work with on these projects and I saw a pattern – strong, smart, beautiful, talented women. In case you missed Part 1. Or Part 2.


Carin Bondar

Carin is probably behind more deals and connections in my life than you or I really know. This woman knows EVERYONE! In fact Carin is the person who helped me get started in the theatre advertising business. She's the previous owner of Cottonwood 4 Cinemas and was the person who helped create the foundation of FilmAds and got me rolling into doing local ads for various businesses and put me into the niche market I work in now.

Carin and I have connected very well since the first time we met. We have a great relationship in which we can be open and honest with one another about the projects we're working on. From telling each other to shut up or how great the work they just did, we have a relationship that has really helped us grow in our own talents over the years. I'm thankful to have met her and to continue to work with her.

Carin has really hit her stride in her career through her work in front of the camera (anything from our BioMusings episodes, to her appearances on Daily Planet, CityTV, Shaw TV and more) and through her writing on various aspects of biology on her blog and in her book. Carin is incredibly driven and passionate about her work. She carries with her a PhD and curiosity of all living things. She has a beautiful family and can somehow manage doing all of the above while being a mom!

Together Carin and I have made numerous pitches to various TV networks and have entered and won the Film Snacks competition with Discovery World (with our Toad Crossing piece on the migration of Toads in Ryder Lake)

I look forward to working with her more in the future and wish nothing but the best for her and her career! Thanks for all the fun times and connections you've helped me make Carin!!!