I’m privileged to do the work I do. I’m more privileged and honoured to work with some of the women I work with. You see, a few weeks ago, I was thinking about all the work I do and who I get a chance to work with. I have a variety of things I do: educational biology shorts, credit union & financial marketing, school district information & communication, health & wellness videos and so on. I started to connect who most of the people are that I work with on these projects and I saw a pattern – strong, smart, beautiful, talented women. In case you missed Part 1.


Sally Hauca is a great and wonderful person that is WAY MORE in shape then I am. She is a yoga and fitness instructor and has a desire to get herself out there and known. So much so that she has her own DVD out for sale - YogaRVing

Truth be told I got to meet Sally through Carol Kerfoot (the lady behind the lens on this picture) and all because I started 30 day photo challenge in November that Carol joined and tried... for a little bit ;) I've yet to even meet Carol in person, but thanks to her I got to be a part of making YogaRVing's DVD!

Sally is very talented and from the time I've spent with her I can tell you she's really intense at Yoga/fitness & very talented, not to mention that she probably smiles more than anyone else you have ever met before!!!

Thank you Sally for letting me partner with you! I must also say that MaryAnne, the marketing manager behind YogaRVing, is an amazing and professional lady that has done a great job with the YogaRV DVDs. You guys rock!

Matthew A. Hawkins


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