Hey John, Took the family to go see Cars 2 this weekend and gotta say I was disappointed... better yet I should say my 3 year old was disappointed.

I've listened to a lot of your interviews, I've read books about your beginnings, about Pixar and I've really felt like you've been a champion for quality family films. Cars 2 was not the case. I get it, the spy genre is fun, cool and easy to make a story for. It's exciting and pushing the boundaries for computer animation, which I get what Pixar has done again and again, BUT the story... did you forget the story?

My 3 year old got bored well before half way through your 2 hour (120 minutes!!!!) feature. He kept asking why you only got to see Mater, then he would get distracted by a cheap joke and then back to bored and then asking why Lightning McQueen wasn't nice and why he left the movie.

I remember reading about the 'Big 6' of Disney back in the day. Have you gotten so big that you've forgotten what's got you this far? Quality animation with even higher quality story.

I'm not an expert at film making, but I can sit down in front of a screen like nobody's business! Even my 3 year old can sit down and watch Cars all the way through, heck I bet he could sit through Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 before sitting through Cars 2 again. I wish that wasn't the case.

I admire you for trying. I admire you for all the work you've done and shared with millions. I admire you as a story teller. I wish my son could have felt that same sort of admiration when we left the theatre the other day and asked if we could go play, as if he hadn't even seen a movie at all.

Thanks John, it was fun, but you've done better.