I shop a lot at Future Shop. Correction, I shop TOO MUCH at Future Shop.

I've learned a lot about their policies and procedures. Mostly to save myself some money. The biggest thing I have learned is that no matter what it is that you're buying there, there is ALWAYS room for a discount.

My latest story: I was checking out our local Future Shop with my boys, a frequent thing we do to check out the 3D TVs and Video Games, we tested out the Wii game of the week which was Mario Sports Mix. The boys loved playing the game and seeing that Mario & friends were playing HOCKEY I was kind of keen on the idea of getting the game for the boys.

The price at Future Shop was $59.99. The boys persisted on buying it, but for that price I just couldn't swallow it. Having the Internet in my pocket I decided to check out the price on Amazon.ca. (When I did this a few weeks ago Amazon.ca had their price at $36.99 but it's gone up a couple bucks since). I showed the sales associate the price on Amazon and he gave me the party line, "Oh we can't compete with online companies" BULL.

I persisted further with the guy and he just said he'd add a couple bucks for shipping, but it came to $42 total. I was impressed. We bought the game and I learned that no matter what it is at Future Shop, they have room to move on the price. ANYTHING. You just have to do some research and then ask and persist.

I have more Future Shop stories coming up, but what stories do you have?