I've been in business for myself for just about 5 years now. I started out in a training position and within 6 months I was owner and operator.I've been told a number of different things, I've learned a few other things. Some of what I've been told and some of what I've learned don't match up. I want to share those things with you.

It will start with what I've been told and then what I've learned.

*By no way or means is this a comprehensive list. I'll probably add more in another post down the road. **My lessons learned have been from my experiences in production & media, they may not carry over to you, but the principles might.

1.  What I was told: "Work hard at this job and you might do all right." 1a. What I learned: Work hard enough ANYWHERE and you'll do all right. Hard work pays off... at some point. Just work hard.

2. What I was told: "I can make some connections for you if you show me how hard you work for me." 2a. What I learned: Make your own connections. Meet people. Phone people. Talk to people. I had two people, in particular, who told me they'd make connections for me and what I got was one client that brought in $200 over 2 years. No one person knows everyone. Make your own connections. It just takes work.

3. What I was told: "Work 9-5 and enjoy life after that." 3a. What I learned: Enjoy life. Work is a part of life, it doesn't mean it has to come between 9 and 5.

4. What I was told: "You don't produce enough. We expect more." 4a. What I learned: I quit. When people put unrealistic expectations on you and demand more, you will never succeed there. Find something else where you can excel and forget what you've heard.

Obviously there is more I've learned in the last 5 years. Obviously 4 quick notes don't sum up everything, but they are just a few jewels along the way.

Are you in business for yourself? What are some things you've been told but learned differently?