I am very pleased to announce a new partnership I've just become a part of.FilmAds has now teamed up with Cineplex Media to offer clients national and provincial advertisers a new set of theatre screens to advertise on in BC. This is incredibly exciting news for our theatre owners and patrons. Not only is FilmAds going to be offering 17 screens across BC to advertisers, Cineplex Media will now be helping with our pre-show entertainment content. There will be interviews with stars, behind the scenes looks of upcoming movies and of course high quality space for advertisers nationally, provincially and of course, locally.

FilmAds continues to look for ways to increase revenue for local theatre owners in Canada and offer engaging, entertaining content before all of our showtimes. A very special thanks to Cineplex Media for letting us team up with you, we're looking forward to a long lasting partnership.

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins