I had the chance to visit a Fringe set with some friends not too long ago and we got to meet Anna Torv.FringeMeetup-12 Set pictures below.

I'd like to point something out. If you go on set, be respectful. The crew was incredibly helpful but I think it was because I listened to their requests and didn't get in their way. I asked them when was the best time for photos and I didn't act like a jerk. When we met Josh, he was having lunch, so we waited - I wouldn't like to be bugged while I ate lunch, so why would anyone else? Be respectful and treat people the way you'd like to be treated. It goes a long way.

Well I'm happy to say that today my adventure comes to a happy close. At least with Fringe. I took my 3 year old with me again today on a fun trip to the big city (as he likes to call it).

We got word that Fringe was filming right near Canada Place so away we went. When we first arrived near the set I saw Joshua Jackson and John Noble right away. FINALLY my day had come.

They broke for lunch and John walked right past us and I asked for a picture with him and he said "Of course, just let me finish some work". Fair enough. Oh and remember that.

FringeMeetup-11Since they were breaking we took off to find a fountain for the 3 year old to check out and low and behold Joshua Jackson was eating his lunch 10 feet away. We hung out and took some fun pics and video of the fountain and when Josh was done his lunch, we asked for a few minutes. He signed a copy of one of my favorite, most meaningful movies I've ever watched and took a couple pictures with us. Really nice guy.

FringeMeetup-2 We went back to the set and watched the fun camaraderie of Josh and John with the crew and each other and a few rehearsals. The crew was amazing again and while John was about to start another rehearsal, he saw me and the three year old and said, "Oh there you are, let's take that picture." An amazing man and actor.

Thank you to the Fringe cast and crew. Keep watching fans so we can have a season 4!

Set pictures below. Or on my Flickr stream

Oh. And comments ALWAYS welcome!




This looks like John Noble, but it's the back of his stand ins head.