After meeting Olivia Dunham the other day and trying to get my picture with Joshua Jackson and John Noble, I figured I would post my past movie "fame".I had the chance to be an extra on a few movies and you can even clearly see me in Hot Rod!!! Andy Samberg even pushed me over which was cool. I was disappointed though that the scene with the Thing storming off in Fantastic Four 2 storming away and pushing me over got cut... next time? Actually I hope they don't make another Fantastic Four movie.

So here's me being an extra. Not sure I would do it again, but it was an enjoyable experience. I want to be involved more behind the camera or something more in front, perhaps with some lines. Here ya go:

Above I'm the guy walking away on the right... can't see me in the Full Screen version.

I'm on the left with a camera. That was the same night my car got broken into after the shoot AND I got to talk with Jessica Alba for a few minutes.

My scene with Andy, just before he pushed me over.

There ya have it.