NEWS FLASH! We met John Noble AND Joshua Jackson! CLICK HERE! It all started as a joke... come to think of it, most things between me and my friend Jason start off that way. We became extras as a joke and ended being on a couple of cool shoots (Hot Rod, Fantastic Four 2) and I got to meet Jessica Alba.

*FRINGE Set Pictures below!!!

We began watching Fringe about a year ago and we like it. It's a great show. I want to forewarn you now, it may seem like we're crazy fans BUT I can assure we are not. After watching an episode around Christmas time and laughing at the antics and lines of Walter Bishop, played by the great John Noble, we said jokingly that it would be awesome to get our picture taken with him.

Let the adventure begin.

Since that point I have been on/around the set of Fringe a number of times. Trying to meet Mr. John Noble and Joshua Jackson. I've been to several locations, either by myself or with friends/family. The first place we went to was Pacific Central Train Station on a Friday night... Hanging out at Pacific Central on a Friday night, waiting for... on TwitpicStill hanging out but now @ashvau has joined the crew  on TwitpicWoohoo! #fringe #yvrshoots no Walter no Peter today next time... on Twitpic

But no luck. No John, no Joshua and no Anna.

The closest I've come to meeting John was at UBC this week, when I had the chance to take my 3 year old son with me. The crew was awesome helping us try and meet John, but we missed him by a few minutes. Better luck next time right? Well guess again... almost.

Last night we headed down to Chinatown in Vancouver and walked around the set. I felt bad for the cast and crew. Wet, cold and snow still on the ground, they were in for a long haul, working all day and into the wee hours of the night. For us, however, luck would shine it's pretty little head our way, but first a few shots for you to check out... (sorry Geoff for screwing up your picture!) We did get to meet Anna Torv which was pretty darn cool, PLUS she was so nice to take some pictures with us!

    More on my adventures with Fringe and whatever else we may come up with as it happens!
    Now just to meet Mr. Noble and Mr. Jackson!

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