Sports shows, the news and all my favorite TV programs recap their shows like crazy (personally I think Mythbusters is the worst for it). So I figured I would recap what's happening on my blog right now:

1) Oscar Picks & Giveaways - Comment & you could win some DVD goodness. Who doesn't love the free stuff?

2) My interview with Dan Murphy from Rogers Sportsnet Pacific. Very cool guy.

3) My non-interaction with Kyle Stewart. Text or call Kyle and guaranteed he won't call you back. I'd bet large sums of money on that.

4) Mother's Day Ideas. Dads get your butts cracking and doing something special this year, whether it be with my videos or not.

5) Lastly, some facts about the theatres that I work with for FilmAds.

There you have it, the latest and some what greatest of the Matthew A. Hawkins Blog. Cheers.

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