Yes, it is February. Yes, Mother's Day is all the way in May. May 8th to be exact. The reason I bring it up is because I think Dad's are pretty crappy at remembering Mother's Day. I can say that because I know some Dad's who have either forgotten, ran out to 7-11 at the last minute (which it was probably better to pretend you forgot) or bought something lame like a snow shovel or bowling ball. Dad's all over the place need to step up. Get your butt in gear guys. You should A) Remember your mom for Mother's Day; and, B) Remember your wife/partner for Mother's Day. Do something special, show them how much you love them, teach your kids to show their appreciation. Here's some ideas for you: - breakfast in bed (after she sleeps in) - clean up the house (including laundry - if you don't know how to fold it, pretend, that's what I do) - move that thing she's asked you to move a million times but you've been "too busy" to move - buy her something she WANTS... whether that's jewelery, a camera, pots & pans, Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray boxed set or WHATEVER. Buy what she wants! - make her feel special. Cards, flowers, home made gifts, pictures, whatever, just do it. - teach your kids to do it more than just one day a year. There are 364 other days Mom's are busy busting their butts for us too.

One idea I have and I'm hoping Dad's will start doing, is making a video for Mom. We could make it in the park, your living room (maybe it's really dirty and then you guys clean it up!), studio setting or whatever, make something she'll remember. Something like this:

That video made more than just my wife cry, other people we don't know commented on it! I'll be doing shoots for Mother's Day in Red Deer, Edmonton, Quesnel and Chilliwack, so make sure you book today so we can get you in. Cost is $300 per video (1-2 hours to film it, plus the time to edit and get it just right) and you get it online AND on 3 DVDs.

Mom deserves her own day. Show her she does.

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