CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Congrats to Geoff Heith and Justin Kietch for picking right and winning a copy of the Kings Speech on DVD!

Well we're less than 3 weeks away from the Oscars. Here's the deal. I'm going to to share my top 4 picks (Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Animated [I'm including animated just for my kids]). You're going to share your picks and I'm going to give away 2 DVDs (the Best Picture winner). One DVD for the person whose picks are right (if there's a tie I'll put your names in a hat) and one DVD to a random commenter (so you get entered twice). If you don't know whose nominated you can check it out here: 83rd Academy Awards Nominees

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My Picks: Best Movie The King's Speech Would you rather a movie based on true events that inspired a nation during a time of peril win OR a movie loosely based on true events that created dysfunctional relationships win? The King's Speech was uplifting, warm and inspiring. I want to see it again. Of course you know what's going to happen in the movie even if you don't know the history of England, but you don't care. The cast is excellent and I personally love the way they shot it (I may bring those details up another time).  

Best Actor Colin Firth For a guy who doesn't see a place for the British Monarchy anymore I think he pulled off an amazing performance. Not only was he believable as King George VI but he had incredible chemistry on screen with Geoffrey Rush.

Best Actress I have yet to see any of the films on the Best Actress List. But I'm going to guess Natalie Portman. The girl has been on fire this year. Oscar nominated, 4 films, engaged and pregnant. That's a busy year and from what I hear she was amazing in Black Swan. If she doesn't win, then it will go to Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone, just because I would say she's the underdog in that whole category.

Best Animated I want to say How to Train Your Dragon just because it was such a pleasant surprise and entertaining, BUT I have to, HAVE TO, go with Toy Story 3. Few movies make a good sequel/prequel let alone a trilogy and Toy Story tops the cake on this one. It ended so well and even brought a tear to my eye. It would be fitting to see the animated movie series that changed the genre forever to walk home with the Oscar.

So who are your picks? Give em to me and get a chance to win.

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Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins