I find I'm a very different learner. I don't do well sitting and listening to someone talk on and on about any subject. I'll give you 5 minutes to get my attention, if you do that I'll give you another 10 to inform me on your topic/issue and if you still have me, I'll give you 5 more minutes to wrap it up and challenge me. If you can't say it in 20 minutes you're probably suffering from verbal diarrhoea or you just enjoy hearing yourself speak too much. I say most public speakers go 30 minutes or so and 10 of those minutes could easily be trimmed off (I know this from experience - experience listening & speaking). I've been learning about learning lately and coming across some very interesting conversations being had about education. With kids of my own entering into the school system I'm beginning to wonder how effective our kids are being taught. I'm not an expert in this area, just a discoverer. I'm simply sharing my thoughts. I know my 5 year old is sure enjoying his class and he's coming home excited about learning so I think his teacher is doing a great job, BUT I still wonder about the long haul.

How does the social aspect play in? Do teachers give up on certain students? Are teachers willing to try new things or just follow the book? Is the school system effective past a certain point? Does it matter if you have a college degree? A Masters? When does experience out weigh education? And so on.

Here's one thing I've found on the topic that I really enjoyed!

ht: Jamie Billingham