Carin and I have been working steadily on a project over the last number of years. Truth is, she probably understands it a lot more than I do. Let me tell you about it.

Dr. Carin Bondar loves biology. So much so, that she even wrote her own book on it - CHECK IT OUT HERE She has a love and passion for all moving things... more specifically, anything that isn't a human, well she probably loves her kids too.

I'm not a biology expert, but working with Carin has made me a lot more aware of the world around me. From the invasive plants growing in the Fraser Valley, to HUGE salamanders that live right around the corner, to toads that are simply just trying to cross a street, Dr. Carin Bondar has opened my eyes to the world of biology and it's many wonders. Not to mention the fact that humans share a lot of the same characteristics as animals.

We have been working together now for around 3 years. We've created a handful of videos together and even won the Discovery World HD Film Snacks award in the fall of 2010. We've made pitches to big networks, had our material played on the local Shaw station (and more to come in the future as well) and we continue to keep pressing forward in our work together.

One of the best things about working with Carin is our honesty with one another. I can't say we've been the best of friends at times, but I can say we've talked through our issues and pressed on to make excellent material. We continue to work together through both of our quirks, eccentric behaviors and diva attitudes (I think Carin is more of the diva...) Right now I'd like to coin Carin's nickname as "The Environmental Diva". Our latest project that seems to be garnering the most traction is a series we've entitled 'BioMusings'. In it Carin looks into field work being done all over the world and directly applies what we can learn from it in our everyday lives. Check out the demo below. Or visit Carin's site -

If you'd like to know more or have any questions, email me iwas {at} matthewahawkins [dot] com OR Carin's email carin {at} carinbondar [dot] com