Today I had the chance to head up to Salmon Arm and meet up with two great businesses. While I was up there I was thinking of taking a snow picture to show people back in the Lower Mainland, but then the weather went and had to snow here, so I figured it wouldn't be that special.

Here's the first picture I liked today... fruit

I had a really hard time with the yellows in this photo and ended up just leaving it as you see it. Not sure what it is about it, but I don't like it and I should have shot it in RAW but failed to do that.

Then while we made our way out of Kamloops I was editing some video work in the passenger seat and I looked out my window and wanted to stop right away. I took this photo and I think I'm going to put it up on my own wall. I just loved the tones to it and the layer like mountains. trees

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