I had two choices of things I wanted to take pictures of today. The sky at night, since the moon looks amazing or my video shoot with some members of the Chilliwack School District. I chose the latter. We are going for a vintage look in post production for the shoot we did today and so I applied a bit of an action just to test things out. I found these actions online a while ago. If you don't know what actions in Photoshop are, a couple of things: - they are awesome and fun to use but don't overuse them - when using actions make sure you look at what the action is doing (you can open up the action and see how it applies textures, curves, brightness etc.) it's an awesome way to learn how to use photoshop - learn to create your own action (I don't have a lot that I created, but the ones I do have I use a lot - cropping for video, watermarks, color corrections for certain shots, etc.)

Don't go out and just buy actions for the fun of it, you can find a lot of free ones to start you off - LIKE HERE

So here's the picture with actions: SKELETON

And without: SKELETONfree

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