Tomorrow is the start of 30 days of pictures.So far we have, the following people joining in:

@mistacarter12 mistacarter12 on flickr @ersiewearsie

@ryantoyota ryantoyota on Flickr




Twitter: @Jordan_Brennan Blog: Flickr: JordanBrennan



and there are a few others sitting on the fence. So if you are, place a comment on this post and leave your Twitter, Blog, Flickr, Posterous info or whatever you're using.

In case you're wondering the rules, well here's a quick recap: 1) Take a new picture and post one everyday for the month of November (has to be taken and posted in the same day, no stockpiling). 2) Blab about your picture everywhere. Post you're link to your pic on Facebook, Twitter, email, wherever. Just share it.

Biggest thing is to get using your camera. Try stuff out. Put your camera to M. You know you want to!

Any questions or ideas, please share. Cheers,

Matthew A. Hawkins