Do you ever have a list of things you want to complete but you never do it? I hate that. It's probably my biggest pet peeve of myself. I have a crazy list of things I want to do and the biggest deterrent from doing any of it is... surprise! ME! You come up with excuses. You make yourself think you're doing something else that's more important. You pretend like you're working... come on, seriously, how much time have you wasted in the last month saying you're working but you're really tweeting, facebooking or checking Google Reader for the billionth time?

Starting November you'll be seeing something new on my blog everyday for 61 days. Yes that's right 61 days, 61 posts.

November will be 30 days in pictures. I recently started working through some tutorials of Nick Campbells from GreyScale Gorilla and he mentioned about how challenging it was take a creative picture everyday and post it. I figured it would be good for me to try it out. I want to up the quality of my pictures and photoshop techniques and this will be a way to force me to do it.

December will be my Christmas blog-a-thon month with guest posts again. I did this last December and it was a blast putting it together. I may just be calling out to some of my ill-frequent readers here to post on the ol'blog. Just a heads up!

Starting November 1st get ready! Some of you on Twitter said you'd try it too, so post your blog links in a comment and let's get ready for some great posts and busting out of the boring!


Matthew A. Hawkins

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