Well if you didn't know, Carin Bondar and myself, won a contest which grand prize consisted of flights to Toronto, hotel rooms at the Fairmont Royal York, attendance at and screening of our video at the closing gala of the Planet in Focus Film Festival and $2000 cash. A HUGE thank you needs to go out to Planet in Focus and Discovery World HD for picking our little film and letting us experience such an amazing trip.

We just got back from the weekend and wow was it awesome. We had so much fun. Aside from the crazy pictures I'm posting below, the highlights were: meeting & talking with Robert Bateman and his wife, talking with Brian Hill , the director of the closing galas feature "Climate in Change", the board of directors of Planet in Focus, the people of Discovery World HD (who put the contest together) and not to mention a lot of other great, passionate people that love film.

All that said, we had an amazing weekend. To feel like I was closer to home and keep my kids in touch with what I was doing, I took pictures of a couple of their action figures in various spots on my trip.

I also got to take a picture with the most amazing trophy EVER! The Stanley Cup. I met the Cup 9 years ago and after meeting the Cup my wife asked me if I kissed it. My heart dropped. I had failed to do that. Not this time. I would right all that was wrong with the world. Upon seeing the cup and meeting the overseer of the trophy room, I figured I had to sneak a kiss as I wasn't even supposed to touch it. So that's why I look like a school boy sneaking a peck.

An amazing weekend and there's a good chance that Carin and I will be looking to enter a short for next Planet in Focus Festival.