If I ever get a chance to put a story into a movie, I would hope people would come to my rescue like this: www.savebluelikejazz.com/ If you aren't familiar with Donald Miller or Blue Like Jazz, I recommend you grab a copy of it. Everyone I've talked to that has read feels like they know Donald Miller afterwards. Warm hearted, funny and insightful, whether you leave the book believing what Donald Miller believes or leave with a little insight into life, I think you'd love it.

I love what the two guys behind this project are doing. Saving something they want to see happen. How cool is it to stick it to the man that said he wouldn't fund this film. How cool would it be to see people rise up and help out someone elses vision. I would hope that if my production career ever got so far as making a feature film and the funding got pulled, that someone would come to my rescue and help me.

At least check out who Donald Miller is, he's a pretty decent guy.