A few weeks ago I shared with you our entry for the Cineplex Ford Flex Contest:

Well after patiently waiting and having no idea who entered or what was going on, I received an email and phone call letting us know we were finalists.

FINALISTS? What did that mean? I had to answer a skill testing question and then wait some more. I just wanted to know if we won!?!?

After much waiting (a weekend) I couldn't take the wait, so I emailed Cineplex to ask if we had won...

WE DID! I got a phone call first thing on Tuesday morning saying we were selected as the Grand Prize winners. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about this. I have entered a number of video contests and the best we've done was honorable mentions or thank you prizes. Now I can say we've won a nation wide contest. Aside from the bragging rights, the loot is pretty amazing too! CHECK OUT OUR PAGE ON CINEPLEX. {just to be clear, we won passes, a camera and moola - no car. though I'd love to talk with Ford about doing a family commercial ;) thanks for making me clarify this Sarah!}

Enough of me tooting my own horn. If you think you've got something to share with everyone, but people so "no way" or "you can't make it", don't listen to them. They don't know you or what you can do. go for it. make it happen.