I am seriously pumped about being a family man. Sure there are days when you want to smack your head, but 99% of the time I am in love with the people I walk through life with. They are amazing.

We took our boys out to see Toy Story 3 and got to make the premiere day (even though just in Mission) for Despicable Me. Both movies we had been waiting to go see since their trailer releases. That said, before the movies Cineplex had a contest displayed on their big screen about the Ford Flex (of which I'd love to own one, one day), Cineplex and families.

The contest details... simple. Tell us why you're family is cool. Aside from what we mentioned in the video below, my family is amazing because they love me no matter what. I'm safe to fail, to try new things. I'm safe to be me, even if it's completely off center and down right strange. I love going home, even if I've been gone an hour, because it means hugs and kisses from them all. It's simple amazing to have a family like this. I know just how fortunate I really am. I love having the family I do.

So here it is, in 60 seconds, why my family is cool:

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