As my friend Geoff Heith wrote on Twitter, "{Went to} the arm of salmon getting ready to film at BP ... Not the oil spill one the Pizza one" We got to head out on a gorgeous summer day for a one day road trip to the arm of the salmon (as Geoff also said, "going to a place named after a piece of anatomy a Salmon doesn't have.") About two months ago I signed up Boston Pizza to advertise in the theatre in Salmon Arm and we had to push back our film dates a couple of times. It was great to come in on a hot summer day, film some fun footage and then go for a swim in the Shuswap Lake. We really live in an amazing province. I am more amazed by where we live everytime I get to go out there and explore. So get out there.

Here's the ad we shot for BP. We shot on the 7D with shots on a tripod, glidetrack and freehand. It was a lot of fun and I think it turned out great.

Check it out:

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