Let me share a few things that have been going on as of late. A lot of changes.

I'll be sharing about those changes in the near future, but I want to create a list (I like lists) of things I'll begin posting beginning this week:

1) Some After Effects tests I've been playing around - thanks to the awesomeness of Andrew Kramer

2) Contest entries I have coming up - that are non-voting style (I've learned too well now)

3) Lessons from business

4) Business opportunities I'm taking now and very, very soon.

5) AND MORE... always more.

I've recently decided to kill my Facebook account and for a number of reasons. I like writing on my blog and I haven't been. This place gives me a chance to get a little creative and share some more than I do on Facebook. I also got tired of FB not letting me dislike stuff, stuff like stupid FB groups and pages... and farmville. People and farmville make me go nuts, something something something.

So I'm back on the blog and looking forward to sharing some very cool stuff. Cheers,