Have you ever looked closely at Tina Fey? I mean like really really closely. Most people don't notice it. Most people say "I never saw that before" after you point it out to them. Would you like me to point it out to you? On her left cheek Tina has a large scar. It's from an incident quite some time ago. No one is quite sure what happened as she hasn't really talked about it. So my friend Dean pointed out that Tina talked about this scar in Vanity Fair... so I correct myself on her not talking about it much, instead she only talks about it a little bit HERE To her it's no big deal. Had she let it bother her, I don't think she'd be so popular in showbiz. Did you know that she was the first female lead writer on Saturday Night Live? What would have happened if she was too self-conscious and gave up on fame and stardom?

I've been listening to a great audio book: The Pixar Touch. Thanks to Tim McAlpine for the recommend. Did you know that before Toy Story came out (Pixar's first computer animated full feature film) that they were 50 million dollars in the hole? Did you know that even Disney at one point thought that computer animation was a waste of time and money? Pixar started as a company apart from Disney and continues to be a separate, but connected company.

Nothing great will happen without adversity and/or failure. I'm feeling inspired and challenged to push through the failure and look at the bigger picture, look to the dream. What do you do when you face adversity and failure?

It reminds me of this blog I wrote awhile ago - READ THE POST HERE - 5 part series

Cheers, Matthew A. Hawkins