My 30th birthday is coming up and I really wanted to have a surprise party.My wife's response to this... "You can't ASK for a surprise party!" Well I guess you can. Despite being on bed rest, my wife threw me a great surprise party all from planning on the couch through using my contacts list on my iPhone, facebook and good ol' phone calls. Deb planned for us to go on a date to Decades one night and when we walked in there were some awesome friends waiting for me. It was a big surprise, I had no idea it was coming! Leading up to this night I was feeling a little down that a party wasn't going to happen. I had even asked my friend Jason if we could have a wings party at his house one night. He complied even though he knew the party the next day was going to happen. I must say I have some friends that are the best... I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. Deb planned us a video scavenger hunt. Deb had to go home but she sent us on our way and this is what happened: