We've been working on some great things at PCC.The big project I've been working on has been incredibly difficult. I filmed a number of stories over the last few weeks and have been able to join into people's lives, pretty much with each person I've met, I never would have been able to hear their story... let alone anyone else in our church.

After filming various people, in various locations and piecing it all together, we found that the different looks didn't fit together. The stories were amazing, but aesthetically it just wasn't working. It reminded me of an earlier post: check it here. With the way things go, we had already started late on our videos (equipment hadn't arrived till later then we would have liked - so can be the world of production). So, Thursday (3 nights before we had to show our video on Easter Sunday) we decided to re-shoot. Thursday at 7:30pm we went out to re-shoot 4 of the stories. My good friend Jason was persistent on coming with me that night... little did I know that I would need him there.

In the first 20 minutes of filming the first story, my wife called me and said she was having some problems with the baby (she is 21 weeks prego). I ran from the shoot and left Jason and Shawn behind the cameras. Deb had to spend the night in the hospital, but after tests and checks from the doctor, she's at home on bedrest and baby is doing fine. While in the hospital, Deb said to me, "you left filming people's everybody stories, so that we can have an everybody story of our own." It's true. I feel we're still in one, but we pray for good things to happen and for deb and baby to be safe and healthy.

Curious how the video turned out? Well from uploading the footage on Thursday night (7d footage is a synch, but the real time firewire XHA1S is sure way longer to load up, cursed tapes), I spent the next day in and out of editing, visiting the hospital, taking care of my boys (with the help of our incredible neighbors) and then got some real time to sit down and start editing around 6pm of Friday night. 4am the next morning I was done. A crazy day and an awesome result: