I have a few plates that I'm spinning. Maybe just a few too many. For the most part they are all staying up in the air.

I have some ideas and plans I'd like to make happen in the coming months.

Of the lot of them, a few are:

1) Running every morning for 30 days - I figure I blogged for 30 days straight in December, so why can't I get my ace in shape in 30 days (well at least start there)

2) Get the Matt & Jason show running - this has been forever in the works, but we've done nothing to make it happen

3) SilverScreen Tots is up and running and it's time for it's own site. I'm checking out SquareSpace to help build it.

4) Ultimate Canucks Fan and Hockey Night in Canada - I really want to be on Hockey Night in Canada, specifically Coaches Corner.

There's a wack load of other things, but those are four big ones.

We'll see what happens! Cheers,

Matthew A. Hawkins